Student ComSoc APP development

2011.02.14 13:47

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 Students Develop App for ComSoc

연구실 학생 최영락, 한윤선 군이 교수님과 더불어 ComSoc iPhoneApp을 개발했습니다. 현재 이 앱은 아이폰으로만 제공되고 있으며, 향후 안드로이드 및 블랙베리에서 실행 가능한 앱도 개발 예정입니다. 아이폰용 ComSoc 앱은 애플 앱스토어를 통해 무료로 사용 할 수 있습니다.

아래는 기사원문입니다. 

Prof. James Won-Ki Hong and his students Yeongrak Choi and Yoonseon Han from POSTECH, developed and provided an iPhone application for ComSoc members with an Apple iOS device such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The App was developed as part of a term project for a graduate course called, “Smartphonomics: Convergence using Smart Phones and Devices” in the Division of IT Convergence Engineering, POSTECH, Korea.  

A beta version of this application was demonstrated at the ComSoc committee meetings at GlOBECOM 2010 in Miami last December. It showed how ComSoc members might soon be able to access ComSoc online content via their smartphones. The ComSoc iPhone App is now available to our members from the Apple App Store for free.

The team plans to provide similar native smartphone applications for Android-based mobile devices soon

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